Cleansing Grains


Spring is here, and now is a good time to give your face a deep, nourishing cleanse. I have created a mineral rich 3-in-1 product, that gently cleanses, exfoliates, unclogs pores, and brings a natural glow to your skin and is made from organic and wildcrafted herbs and legumes.

Uses: 1. Facial cleanser 2. Facial Scrub 3. Facial mask


CLEANSER For daily use on normal skin, mix a small amount of Cleansing Grains (1/4 tea spoon) with water, apply in circular motions, leave a minute or so, then rinse off. If you have acne prone or ultra sensitive skin, mix the powder with a few drops of water 1teaspoon raw honey and apply same way in circular motions. Honey is anti bacterial, and may also fade dark spots and scars. Cleansing Grains removes make up, but for gently removing remains of eye make up I personally prefer using a damp silk sponge  with a drop of St. John's Wort Oil  or Bright Eyes oil on.

MASK: Mix powder with water, until it forms a paste for a drawing, deep cleansing mask, apply and leave for 15-20 minutes. For an ultra moisturising and healing mask, mix powder with raw honey and a few drops of water, apply and leave on face. 

The water base for cleansing and masks may always be substituted with your favourite water base, like green, white or herbal tea, Floral Water etc.

Cleansing grains can be used as a daily cleanser  without drying or stressing the skin.

Green Blessings 

Raw honey herbalsalvation facial

Raw honey facial mask herbalsalvation