Hola Luna Moon Journal

Hola Luna Moon Journal

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A moon journal

The creator of this journal writes:

The journal is based on the energy of the different moon phases and consists of 12 moon cycles of 29,5 days. We start a new cycle on the day of the new moon. Here we set the intentions that we want to manifest through the coming cycle. The new moon intention setting is important, as this is where you plant the seeds for your dreams. 

Once the intentions are set, there will be daily journal pages, where you can write down whatever comes to mind. Some will use it as a journal or diary, some as a remember-list, some may write key words or make a drawing. The only thing that matters, is that it matters to you. 

Halfway through the cycle we reach the energetic peak – the full moon. In the journal there are two pages for every full moon. This is to create space for all your thoughts and ideas. But full moon is also the time to release what no longer serve you. There is a specific section under full moon journaling for releasing the old to create space for the new. During full moon you also follow up on the seeds you planted for your dreams during new moon. Are you on the right path with your intentions? 

On each page in the journal, there is a place where you can track your energy flow. This is for you to get familiar with the way the moon phases affect your energy. By tracking your energy flow, you might start to see a pattern and when you know when your energy is high or low, it makes it easier for you to plan when to be creative, when to rest and when to be social. 

Last but not least there is a question on each page for you to reflect upon and answer. This is for you to get in the habit on focusing on all the positive things in life and what to be grateful for. Reflecting about the great things in life can become a habit if we nurture it.