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Challenged Skin

Do you have Challenged Skin?
Either super sensitive, prone to acne
 or red irritated skin

I often get questions about, what I refer to as challenged skin.
It may show up as acne-like breakouts (sometimes people know they are caused by hormonal imbalances, sometimes the cause is unknown). 
Challenges may also be red irritated skin or greasy and/or dry skin. And often both challenges may appear simultaneously. 

So I wanted to offer my skin care love routine to those of you with Challenged Skin. To get your skin back in balance with a beautiful glow.

💚 Clean your skin everyday with Cleansing Grains a 3 in 1 cleanser ~ which leaves the skin nourished and rejuvenated without stripping it for its natural oils.
I recommend you mix it with honey for an extra antibacterial and healing effect. Especially in cases of breakouts. Honey draws moisture from the surroundings into the skin and acts like a natural 'filler' ❤
TIP: If you don't want to mix it everyday, you can pre-mix a part of cleansing grains with honey in a separate clean container (if you don't add water, it can last almost forever).

💚 Once/twice a week cleanse your skin with the Charcoal Clay Mask ~ it draws out toxins, while rejuvenating and mineraling the skin at the same time.
This can also be mixed with honey, instead of water, in case of breakouts, for a milder and more healing mask ❤ In case you have breakouts, honey also helps bleach the dark spot you can get from the breakouts, it will only make the dark spots fade. Not the rest of your complexion.

After cleansing
💚  Spray your skin with Witch Hazel Floral Spray ~ an astringent, anti inflammatory and healing tonic - that soothes and calms irritated skin down.

TIP: Try spraying it on insect bits. Sooths and calms there as well.

If you have challenges with mixed skin (both dry and greasy) you might want to choose Rosemary & Lavender Floral Spray instead ~ It aids the skin's ability to restore its natural balance, calms and soothes it and has high antioxidant properties and a regenerative effect.

While the skin is still moistened by the floral water
💚 Apply St. Johns Wort Oil ~ it calms the skin down and has anti inflammatory and superb healing properties. 

💚 Finish with Radiant Esther Beauty Salve ~ Balancing, stimulating and healing facial beauty salve and serum in one. Radiant Esther balances and heals acne prone skin, and promotes micro circulation in the skin, due to the medicinal herbal extracts of yarrow, rosemary and ginger. That leaves your skin with an amazing glow.


I hope you will have a happy beauty and self love rutine - and to help you on the way, I created a combo-pack with all these amazing product for Challenged Skin, and took 10 %  off the price - You can get it here

With Love