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Healing you Perineal area after Birth

As a mother, Registered Nurse and from my experience collaborating with healthcare professionals, I know how important the care for a mother and baby is. Not only in pregnancy, but also during and after birth.
Especially the days and months after birth, has been one of my great interests - the often unspoken truth and taboos, about the care for 'down there', healing and calming the perineal area after birth, from postpartum perineal discomfort, such as swelling, tears and soreness, or having a surgical c-section wound to deal with, on top of being a new parent. But also sore nipples, and the delicate baby care, needs much more attention and be spoken about.
This led me to a collaboration with the midwives from Jordmoderhuset in Copenhagen, to refine my 'recipe' for the Perineum Bath salt, to use after birth, to calm and heal the perineal area, and relieve swelling and pain.
It is made from Epsom and sea salt saturated with medicinal herbal extracts.
It is super simple to use, if you have a toilet sitz bath you just at add the salt to the warm water and sit in it. If you don't have a sitz bath, use the little bathtub for your baby and sit your bottom down, and relax for 15 minutes or more. It works very well in combination with St. Johns Wort Oil, applying that after a perineum bath for extra soothing and healing effect. There is salt enough for multiple sitz baths.
Our hope and goal was to provide women with a much needed product, they can use at home, when in the healing process, and I think we succeeded with that, creating the Perineum Bath salt.

I hope you will pass this on to a pregnant woman in your network - and remember to bring them a meal, for the whole family and/or snacks too - trust me, that is always needed when caring for a small child, and the best way to show your support (maybe even something for the freezer).

TIP: The salt may also be used as a baby bath, or for bathing sensitive and irritated skin.

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 Love Ria