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Help for Dry Hands

With increased hand-washing, you and/or your kids, can probably see and feel your hands drying out and maybe on the edge to something that resembles eczema. I have Salvation for you and all the dry hands in the family, check out the below salves and butter, to get your hands back to their natural moist selfs.


Guld Salve

THE best rescue for ultra dry hands - in every season, and when washing hands frequently.
It contains lavender, rosemary, yarrow and st. john wort oil.
Apply straight after hand-washing when the hands are still moist.


Honey-Propolis Rescue Balm

Perfect for children, as it doesn't contain any essential oils.
Apply straight after hand-washing, when the skin is still moist.


Hyldeblomst smør - Elderflower butter

Softens, heals and reduces itching and dryness of the skin - can be used multiple times a day. 





The perfect salvation from the damages the autumn and winter cold can leave on your skin - both as preventing, but also as damage control! Althea heals and moisturizes everything from dry hands, nails and feet, to cracked and crisp lips and skin