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Pro-Age or Anti-Age Skin Care?

Minimizing wrinkles and age with grace
Like a beautiful old oak tree 

I believe in pro-age, not anti-age. We all get wrinkles and other age-related body changes - that is part of life, I say; embrace that you are changing every day, with love. Don't fight it, or talk bad to yourself and your body. Instead look yourself in the mirror: see the beauty of you!

As a beauty product developer, creator and woman, I know we want to have beautiful skin, keep the age-changes to a minimum or keep them on hold, for as long as possible. And you probably have feelings around wrinkles too, right?
It's hard not too, when we are impacted by society around us.

So of course a lot of my products have anti-aging qualities, to get your skin to radiate with a fresh, vital and some say 'youthful' look - I even have customers that say, my products are like a natural botox. If my products make you feel good, when you look in the mirror, my work is complete and I am grateful!

I would love to give you a little Pro-Age skin love routine - to give your skin that boost glow ❣ 


💚 Charcoal Clay mask ~ it draws out toxins, while rejuvenating and mineralises the skin at the same time.

💚 Cleansing Grains  a 3 in 1 cleanser ~ which leaves the skin nourished and rejuvenated without stripping it for its natural oils.


💚 Rose Floral Water ~ it tones and adds moisture to your skin, helping minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While the skin is still moistened by the floral water

💚 Apply Bright Eyes oil around the eye area (or on the whole face) ~ it prevents swelling and discolorations of the skin around the eyes, and keeps the skin youthful.

💚 Wild Carrot oil on the rest of the face (is mild so can also be used on the eye area) ~ It has highly antioxidant properties combined with nourishing, protective oils, makes it a firming, tonifying and rejuvenating oil.

💚 Finish with Uplifting Ruth beauty salve ~ it is firming, tightening and antioxidant and helps prevent and minimize fine lines and wrinkles


I hope you will have a happy beauty and self love rutine - and to help you on the way, I created a combo-pack with all these amazing product, and took 13 %  off the price - You can get it here

Love Ria