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Sensitive & Ultra Dry Skin

These products heal, calm and nourish your sensitive and ultra dry skin.
Suitable for body, face and hair, and contains no essential oils.
All the product are suitable for adults, as well as children and babies.

The products can be mixed and matched as you prefer, just remember applying from thin to thick, which means that you apply an oil, before a body butter/salve etc.


Buying this combo-pack, containing 4 of Herbal Salvations best sellers, will save you 11%. With this combination, it is my aim to provide a bundle of products that will combine healing and beauty products in one.

The Sensitive & Ultra Dry Skin combo-pack contains:

Total value: 780 dkk - ONLY 695 dkk 

St. Johns Wort Oil: this oil is mild, gentle and calming. Protects your skin during summer and winter, and absorbs easily. Helps to calm conditions of redness and heat, related to dry or itchy skin. Read more here.

Calendula Body Butter: is a rich, calming and nourishing oil in solid form that contains protective Shea butter and calendula macerate. Use tiny amounts on damp skin, preferably after shower. Suitable for body face and hair. Read more here.

Honey Propolis Rescue Balm: Extra thick and rich rescue balm. Perfect for extra dry spots, lips, cheeks during windy and cold or frosty weather. May even be used as a protective balm for nursing nipples, or Sensitive baby bottoms. Read more here.

Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil: extra rich, Protective and repairing facial oil with evening Primrose and see buckthorn coldpressed oil. Contains no essential oils and it’s good for very sensitive and/or mature skin.
Sea Buckthorn is a well-known skin-healer and antioxidant, and the Primrose oil has been known to act as an anti inflammatory on irritated itchy skin, as well as protect the skin from wind and weather, and prevent development of fine lines.
Use it alone or under a layer of Calendula Body butter. It’s also lovely to use on your face after a long day in the sun, and before going out in cold and frosty weather. Read more here.
If you feel you want to add extra moisture for your face combine with Green Coffee Serum that is both calming and super moisturising, and/or Bright Eyes which comes and nourishes the area around your eyes and protects against fine lines. Bright eyes may also be used for the entire face if you like.