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Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond bundle

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond bundle

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 In this Pregnancy Birth & Beyond bundle you will get all the products we recommend, for pregnancy, birth, and after birth care for mother  and baby -  as both might need a little extra care during this transitional time of life.

Read more about the use of each product below.

Buying this combo-pack, containing 6 of Herbal Salvations best sellers for moms & babies, will give you a 10% discount.

The Birth & Beyond combo-pack contains:

St. Johns Wort Oil (195dkk)
Vejbred Salve (160 dkk)
Calendula Butter (250 dkk)
Perineum Bath Salt (250dkk)
Honey-Propolis Rescue Balm (150 dkk)
Witch Hazel Floral Water (185 dkk)

Total Value: 1190dkk ~ ONLY 1070 dkk


Instructions for use in pregnancy, during birth, and after birth for mom & baby:
Is one of our favourite allround remedies.
During pregnancy the oil is perfect to use when the belly is getting bigger, and the skin might be itching.
It will also help relieve tender and sore muscles, and works well as a facial oil to (use tiny amounts on damp skin).
Midwives has, for centuries been using this oil during birth as well, to relieve pain, just when the head is crowning.
After birth, it’s a perfect perineum oil that helps and relieve pains while healing the area. Also try using it as a calming oil for baby massage, and baby bottoms when changing diapers. 
And if you gave birth by C-section you can use the oil after the surface has healed, to gently massage the scar, to heal and minimize the decolourisation, and prevent scar tissue. Add Vejbred Salve (Plantain) on top of the oil for better result. 
Contains no essential oils.
Vejbred Salve (Plantain salve):
Vejbred or as I call it, “the Nordic Aloe Vera”, is a perfect remedy for everything that is red, swollen, itching and painful.
During pregnancy we recommend it as a perfect remedy for perineum massage before birth.
After birth it is perfect to use on the nipples in between breast feedings to heal and calm tender, sore nipples. And in combination with St. Johns Wort Oil to heal and minimize scar tissue, if you gave birth by C-section by gently massaging the area after the surface has healed. 
Also suitable for red and sore baby bottoms, on minor burns due to sun or heat and dry lips.
Contains a tiny amount of organic lavender essential oil, for optimum healing.
Is a mild, but rich and nourishing solid oil, that can be used for body, face and hair.
During pregnancy you can use it for the growing belly, and all over your body and face, for a nourishing treat.
After birth you can use it, in the same way, but can also be used for your baby when massaging, or changing diapers.
It’s super mild and nourishing.
Contains no added essential oils.
Is created together with the skilled midwives from Jordemoderhuset in Copenhagen.
It contains sea salt and Epsom salts, saturated with medicinal herbal extracts.
Use it after birth, to calm and heal the perineum area, and relieve swelling. Even if you have given birth with a C-section, the pressure on the perineal area has still been there. 
If you don’t use everything postpartum, you can also use it in the bathwater for babies or people with sensitive, irritated and or itching skin.
Contains no essential oils.
A perfect all round remedy after birth, for nipples in between breast feedings to maintain healthy skin.
Some people prefer to use it as a barrier cream, when changing diapers.
Can also be used for lips, cheeks, cuticles and is a good wind and weather protection for both parents and kids.
Contains no essential oils.
It is a perfect astringent and tightening floral water that, besides being a very effective skin tonic for tired parents (you might combine it with St. John’s Wort oil as a quick facial) it can also be used as a perennial spray after birth, to relieve swelling and tighten the skin.
It also works wonders on sunburned skin and insect bites, so you might benefit from this Floral Water in all seasons.