Charcoal-Clay Mask

Charcoal-Clay Mask

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A special blend of activated charcoal from coconuts, Sea Weed (Kelp) and cleansing clays to deeply detoxify skin by drawing out toxins, while rejuvenating and mineralising skin at the same time.

Detoxifying mask
100% natural

Directions: For a strong drawing effect, mix with water, tea, flower water, e.g. For a milder effect, and also to keep skin moist, mix with honey and a few drops water. Scrub gently while applying in circular movements, then leave for 15 minutes. Steam skin with a hot, damp washing cloth, and remove mask. End your cleansing with a hydrating flower water of choice, then apply your favorite salve or oil. Store in a dry place.

Activated Charcoal*, Kaolinite (french pink Clay) powder*, Bentonite Clay*, Montmorillonite (french green clay)*, Ascophyllum Nodosum (Kelp) powder