Pro-Age Beauty combo-pack

Pro-Age Beauty combo-pack

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In this Pro-Age Beauty combo-pack, you will get all the products to give your skin youthful, rejuvenated, fresh and vital look. It is perfect for minimizing wrinkles and fine lines and works wonders as a pro-age boost!

Buying this combo-kit, containing 6 of Herbal Salvations best sellers, will give you a 10 % discount.

Pro-Age Kit contains:

Charcoal-Clay Mask (150 dkk)
Cleansing Grains (150 dkk)
Rose Floral Water (185 dkk)
Bright Eyes oil (195 dkk)
Wild Carrot face oil (195 dkk)
Uplifting Ruth (325 dkk)


Total Value : 1190 dkk ~ ONLY : 1035 dkk


Here is our pro-age skin love routine - to give your skin that boost glow ❣

💚 Once/twice a week cleanse your skin with the Charcoal Clay mask ~ it draws out toxins, while rejuvenating and mineralises the skin at the same time.
💚 You can clean your skin everyday with Cleansing Grains ~ Our 3 in1 cleanser: Cleanser, scrub & mask. It leaves the skin nourished and rejuvenated without stripping it for its natural oils.
💚  After cleaning, spray your skin with Rose Floral Water ~ it tones and adds moisture to your skin, helping minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While the skin is still moistened by the floral water
💚 Apply Bright Eyes oil around the eye area (or on the whole face) ~ it prevents swelling and discolorations of the skin around the eyes, and keeps the skin youthful.
💚 Apply Wild Carrot oil on the rest of the face (is mild so can also be used on the eye area) ~ It has highly antioxidant properties combined with nourishing, protective oils, makes it a firming, tonifying and rejuvenating oil.
💚 Finish with Uplifting Ruth beauty salve ~ it is firming, tightening and antioxidant and helps prevent and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.