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Ritual Bees Wax Candles/ 10 pcs

Ritual Bees Wax Candles/ 10 pcs

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Ritual bees wax candles


Ritual candles made of 100% natural beeswax of high quality.
The candles are thin candles from a small producer of church candles.

The cables are drip and soot free, with cotton wick.

Perfect for ritual use, meditation and prayer. They have a pleasant scent of honey while burning. No artificial fragrances.

Measurements and burning time: With a length of 20.5 cm, Ø-6.6 mm, expect a burning time of 80 min. - 

Tip: The candles are soft, and can easily be cut into smaller pieces for birthday cake candles etc.

if you don’t have a holder with smaller holes, use a bowl or glass/cup filled with salt or sand to place the candles in.

10 pieces in one pack